Just another hello


Right now, you might be a bit like this:


Believe me; I’m the same.

Being online for the last… 10 years or so? Ke heh, let’s say 9, just for propriety’s sake. Anyways, making these introductions has grown a bit… shall we say strange? No?


Okay, I’m used to it.

Freaky how I allow my limited supply of memes determine how I continue this, but… you know…

Vomiting rainbows

Yeah, that feeling.

Yay Sailor moon lookng forward

And then I see some more, and you know what?

Why not both


Let’s get down to business.

1. I’ve been online for too many years compared to the years I’ve lived.

2. My interests are NOT limited to Euromica, but they are sort of limited to the northern hemisphere. Exceptions exist. Is it still called limited? Some dispute.

3. This post, no matter how I edit, re-write, or otherwise actually consider the content before posting it, will be an embarrassment to me within the next two years. Let’s hope that’s a good butterflies in my tummy feeling by then and not a horrible slugs in my gut feeling.

4. There are not enough fancy pics in this post yet, and that has to be remedied. Goodness forbid your cellphone should be able to load it all within five minutes.

You, after reading the above:

da fuck



Sherlock's Mind Palace



Kim Jeong Hoon

Colin Morgan Merlin with new family member dog



EXO Kai (Doctor Stranger gene p)

Crazy crossovers:

Luffy n Natsu

Last bowl of ramen

N Vixx & Sungjae BTOB like two drops of water

Potterlock Wizard Watson

Random catpic of the day:

Not even remotely funny

See ya~! ^^

Going to Narnia

PS: Did you manage to load all this within two minutes? Please comment your bandwidth. ^^

PPS: In case you have Tumblr or Facebook or 9gag or any other of those fancy posting images and saying clever things sites memberships, you might have noted some similarities between above pics and previously posted stuffs. YES, I MINDLESSLY COPIED AND PASTED MY BELOVED FAVORITES OVER HERE, JUST FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Don’t piss in my soup. Re-posting is good. And these are a year old, or older, guaranteed. You mind? ^,^

PPPS: If you still have no idea who I am or what I’ve been doing online for the last 10 years – Ops, 9 years – stick around and see if you get a better idea next time. Cheerio tah taah~~~

…oh, crap it.

Smaug promo in Romania

Smile and wave boys Benny and douche